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Shadeeza Buckley is an online store where art and fashion collide to encourage SELF-ACCEPTANCE, PERSEVERANCE & HOPE. This business was co-founded by an extraordinary Jamaican artist whose name is…you guessed it…Shadeeza Buckley. Shadeeza, the artist, is no stranger to being told by others what she cannot do, as she has a disability known as Down Syndrome. 

Shadeeza, however decided to focus on what she can do, and make the best of the talents that she has. Shadeeza has her share of roadblocks along her life…health conditions, little to no opportunities in education and employment, few friends. 

What did she do? She decided to blaze her own path. She ended up with a few “best friends” & decided to go the entrepreneurial route with her artwork. Some days she would sell nothing…other days, she sold all the pieces she had with her.

Shadeeza never gave up on herself nor did she give up on people. She chose to believe that things would get better…that she would be a success…that she is a superstar (her exact words). Shadeeza also believes in seeing the good in people and loves making them smile when they seem sad. Whenever her artwork makes someone happy, it gets her so excited. Shadeeza accepted herself…she sees herself as flawed yet fabulous.

Shadeeza believes in finding a way where there was not one before…she isn’t afraid of being the first…and she isn’t afraid of asking for help from her family & friends who provide invaluable support. Shadeeza believes that once there is life, there is hope and a new day is not to be wasted on the past…it is a chance to make things better…she believes things will get better. And thus, the online store Shadeeza Buckley was born.

Shadeeza Buckley…an online store where we encourage self-acceptance, perseverance & hope. Shadeeza came, she saw and she conquered…now it’s your time!

It’s your time to Live Life In Colour! – This does not mean that you are happy ALL the time; it means you BE YOURSELF, you TRY even if you fail, you remain hopeful and you get out and CREATE memories/moments. You LIVE!

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Shadeeza Buckley the artist (1)

Shadeeza Buckley

Creative Head

Alicia Buckey

Alicia Buckley

Strategic Lead

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Understanding & recognizing your own abilities & limitations…and being ok, knowing that you can change what you can and accept what you can’t.

Continuing to try and achieve your dreams…what you believe in…despite the challenges, the pushback, the failures.

In the face of uncertainty, believing that what you desire…what you long for…will happen.

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