“Kaleidoscope” – Framed Canvas (Horizontal)


“Kaleidoscope” is a framed canvas that celebrates the beauty and diversity of life. Created with a mix of vibrant colors and geometric shapes, this canvas captures the ever-changing emotions that we experience throughout our lives. It serves as a reminder that we should accept all the different facets that make us unique and special.

The bold, captivating design of this canvas is sure to bring a sense of joy and inspiration to any room. Hang it in your living room or bedroom as a reminder to always accept yourself and appreciate the beauty of diversity!

Available in multiple sizes, comes in walnut and black frame options. N.B. The difference between the black frame and the walnut frame may be hard to detect on the screen, but may appear noticeable once the product is in hand. Thus, please take the time to carefully choose your desired frame.

.: 100% cotton fabric canvas
.: Poplar wood frame with walnut or black finish
.: High image quality and detail
.: N.B. For indoor use only

IMPORTANT! Please view Size Table before making a purchase:

7″ × 5″10″ × 8″20″ × 10″14″ × 11″16″ × 12″18″ × 12″
Canvas width, in7.0010.0020.0014.0016.0018.00
Canvas height, in5.008.0010.0011.0012.0012.00
Canvas depth, in1.
Frame width, in8.6311.6321.6315.6317.6319.63
Frame height, in6.639.6311.6312.6313.6313.63
Frame depth, in1.831.831.831.831.831.83




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